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14 Thanksgiving Decorations That Kids Can Make

Celebrate the season with these festive (and fun!) ideas

Jen Betterley

Published on: November 15, 2023

Pinecone turkey
Credit: Amanda’s Parties to Go

Cute and useful pinecone turkey

When family and friends gather it’s always fun to have some special festive decorations, but who has time or money to shop for something you will only use once a year? Luckily, many craft projects will keep your kids busy, and result in beautiful (and adorable) holiday décor.

Let’s start with this colorful bird! This cute little gobbler featured on Amanda’s Parties to Go is both useful and decorative as a Thanksgiving kids’ table topper. If you’re hoping to recreate this sweet little guy for this year’s festive feast, be sure to check out Amanda’s full post for free template downloads and directions on keeping your Crayolas in place. As a bonus, Amanda offers a handful of additional free printables for pilgrim boats, coloring pages, ship sails and other cheerful goodies for plenty of holiday adornments.

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