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Practical Back-to-School Tips From Local Experts

Choreograph your BTS routines to be in step with these expert tips

Published on: August 28, 2023

Group of elementary school kids riding the bus to school

Get into a good routine this year.

Kids go back to school every year in the fall. So why does it seem like this annual event never gets any easier? One reason may be that so many things change all at once; from mealtimes and bedtimes to the addition of homework and new activities, all of our routines have to change when kids go back to school.

We’ve talked with five local experts — a chef, a tutor, a professional organizer, a parent coach and a sleep coach — to get their top back-to-school tips. Whether you practice them all or focus on the areas you care about most, these tips will make your family’s back-to-school transition more successful than you thought possible. 

From lunches to homework, we've got all the back-to-school tips to get you back on track. Click the arrow above the image or the link at the bottom of the page to scroll through our tips. Or, jump directly to your area of interest with the links below:

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