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Birthday Party Craft and Party Favor Ideas

Published on: May 15, 2013

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Clothespin dolls by Making It Lovely

You’re a Doll!
A basket of clothespins, craft paints, markers, and pens are all you’ll need for this fun party craft idea by Making It Lovely. The kids will have fun personalizing their own batch of clothespin dolls or making them to trade with each other.

 Octopus plush toy by While She Naps

This splashy craft by While She Naps would be great for an under-the-sea-themed party. Mama Abby offers a great tutorial for the no-sew octopus. Head over to the post to see how your kiddos can create their own out of fleece, a foam ball and some ribbons and string. How twee the little braided legs!

 Dinosaur fossils by Little Bit Funky

Dino Days
Gotta crew that’s into dinos and rocks? For the science-inclined bunch, this idea for dinosaur fossils dreamed up by Little Bit Funky is an easy and fun party favor craft. The kids pick out their fave creatures, press them into air-dry clay, and paint when dry.


Crafty cuffs by Seven Thirty Three

Crafty Cuffs
Who would have thought craft sticks were so flexible? For these bracelets by Seven Thirty Three, simply prep the sticks 24 hours ahead of time by boiling them in water, then wrap them around a glass and secure with a rubber band. At party time, let the little crafters loose with scrap paper and Mod Podge to decorate.

 Hula hoop rug by Sisters Guild

Hoop Time
Sisters Guild presents a great step-by-step tutorial for an easy hula hoop rug made from a pile of scrap t-shirts. This is definitely a craft suited for patient kid crafters, but the end product is beautiful! Over and under, in and out, the kiddos will be “completely absorbed in the world of weaving,” hopefully making for a quiet kid party.

 Sumo bowling pins by Sugar and Dots

Sumo Bowl!
Oh, these little sumo guys by Sugar and Dots will bring a smile to your face! Made from recycled bottles, paint, and Mod Podge, Mama Leslie made a whole set as bowling pins for her little one. We think it would be fun for a party craft to have all the kids personalize the little sumo faces and hair.

 Ice cream social by Match Set Love

Ice Cream Social
If ice cream is the star of your party, then this craft idea from Match Set Love is the perfect accompaniment. Mama Liezel gave each kid a bag full of paper “ingredients” to use as decoration for colorful ice cream bars. She even includes the printable in her post, so head on over for a scoop of inspiration!

 Drums by Make and Takes

Drums Up!
For those rock-and-roll tots, Make and Takes has a fun craft to get the beat going. Made from tin cans, balloons, paint, hot glue (adult supervision required) and ribbon, each little drummer can make his or her own drum to take home. You’ll have a full drum line before you know it!

 Pet rocks by Red Ted Art

Pet Rocks
Red Ted Art has an adorable idea for hideaway rock pets. Matchboxes + felt + googly eyes + rock = a quirky pocket friend (and an easy craft to entertain a whole roomful of imaginative tots). We bet the kids will have just as much fun making up stories about the pals as they do making them.

 Tea cups by Confessions of an ADD Housewife

Tea for 20
These teacups by Confessions of an ADD Housewife put imaginary tea to shame. Mama Micki made these lovelies for an Alice and Wonderland-themed party, but we think they’d also be a good project for the kids to make together. Cake cones, cookies and gummy candies make the “cup,” and frosting holds it all together.

 Aprons by The Celebration Shoppe

(Mini) Cooks in the Kitchen
For kids who love to be sous chefs, check out this DIY apron idea featured on The Celebration Shoppe. A plain apron provides a blank canvas for foodie designs and sayings — what a great idea for the kids to do at a summer barbeque or picnic.

 Skateboards by Dollar Store Mom

Skatin’ by
Dollar Store Mom’s mini skateboard craft is perfect for your bunch of little daredevils. Have the kids decorate unfinished wood skateboards with paint and stickers, and each can take home their own X Games-inspired party favor. Don’t forget those helmets!

 Treasure maps by A Girl and a Glue Gun

This treasure map idea by A Girl and a Glue Gun is a great craft for a pirate-themed party. Give each kid a “treasure” to hide and, of course, every treasure needs a treasure map! The hunt begins when the kids trade maps and go on an adventure to seek out their party favors.

 LEGO heads by Obseussed

LEGO Heads
LEGOs are a kiddie crowd pleaser, for sure. This LEGO jar craft by Obseussed works great as a party craft that kids can take home as a favor. Baby food jars painted yellow (on the inside) are just begging for a kid to paint on a Lego face.

 Tin can sand tools by Crafts by Amanda

Beach Fun
Collect all of your tin cans now! Crafts by Amanda has a beachy-keen idea to use painted tin cans as sand castle-building tools for kids. And when they’re not being used at the beach, the cans are perfect to store art supplies or tiny toys.

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