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10 Garden Crafts for Kids

Cultivate those little green thumbs by trying one of these springtime gardening DIY projects

Jen Betterley

Published on: April 09, 2020


Lovely seed starters

Clever Mama Dana of the ever-amazing blog MADE shows off these fun DIY shredded paper seed starters that she made with her little ones — what a perfect idea for introducing your kids to hands-on gardening!

A mixture of shredded recycled paper and tissue paper is simply combined in a bowl with water until soft. Drain out any excess water, and then place the paper mix into the decorative cookie cutter of your choice (or roll it up to create a seed ball!). Add your seeds to the wet paper once the shape is set, let dry for a couple of days and you're ready to plant. Be sure to check out Dana's full pictorial for tips — there are plenty of great ideas here!

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