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14 Valentine’s Day Cards That Kids Can Make (Mostly) on Their Own

We heart these cute ideas

Published on: January 30, 2024

Child making an easy valentine

Let kids take the lead!

Homemade valentines for your child’s classroom are always nice, but can be so much work. Cutting out 25 (or more!) hearts, taping or gluing things together; it’s enough to make you want to grab that 30 pack of Bluey valentines and call it a night. 

While we are not opposed to the store-bought option, if your child wants to make valentines for their classmates, we say let them take the lead. We’ve gathered up some valentine projects that kids can handle (though you might still need to lend a hand). So get ready for some fun craft time with your child, and watch them beam with pride when they head out the door on Valentine’s Day with valentines they made. Everyone wins!   

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