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Dinner Delivered: 10 Innovative Services that Solve Your Meal-prep Problem

From chef-prepared family meals that deliver in an hour to meal kits simple enough for kids to put together

Hang up your car keys and meal-planning hat (at least for a little while). Ready for someone else to solve the perennially challenging, daily question of what to make for dinner?

We have researched the latest ways to get meals — or meal prep — brought to you, from app-driven services that bring gourmet dishes prepared by local chefs to companies that box up ingredients and recipes but let you do the cooking. Here are 10 innovative services, of various models, to try. In the process, you can expand your family's palate and your own library of favorite recipes.

Tip: Most of these services have a deal or discount for first-timers, and also offer a discount for sharing with friends.

Disclaimer: This is by no means an all-inclusive list. You won’t find some of the more well-known options, such as AmazonFresh, or organic food delivery services such as Freggies to Full Circle. If you have a service you think should be added, email

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