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Giveaway: 'No School Today' by They Might Be Giants' Danny Weinkauf

Published on: May 08, 2014

No School TodayAre you a fan of They Might Be Giants and the band's smart, catchy, sometimes subversive songs about numbers, letters and science that get kids excited about learning in the most fun way possible?

Then you will love the new solo album, No School Today, by They Might Be Giants' bassist Danny Weinkauf. The album, which features his children singing on a few of the songs, has many of the trademark TMBG features, including intelligent lyrics that do double duty by building vocabulary, energetic rhythms that get kids dancing and singing, and fun wordplay with some winks for grown-ups.

The songs cover everything from marsupials to archaeology to ice cream and include some great messages (such as a song about a spelling bee that illustrates the power of hard work). Weinkauf's children pitch on vocals, as does Laurie Berkner in a sweet duet called "Our Love Fits."

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