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Rev Your Engines: 7 Great Outings for Car-Crazy Kids (and Dads!)

Outings, car shows and more for road-ready Northwest families

Published on: June 13, 2023

A vintage bright red chevy is on display during the 2014 Greenwood Car Show a popular family activity in Seattle for kids and dads who like cars
A car on display during a past year’s Greenwood Car Show. Credit: Michael Brunk/Flickr CC

Where to take kids who love cars

When my older son was born, we lived in a condo overlooking Highway 99. The worse the gridlock, the better for examining all the cars outside our window. It’s no wonder he has loved anything on wheels since birth.

The great thing about having a passion for cars is that you have a lot of company. Almost every community hosts its own car celebration. For awesome family activities around Seattle, check out our hand-picked, kid-tested list of local car attractions, plus a list of upcoming car shows and touch-a-truck events around Seattle. Lots of kids and dads (and even many moms!) will love these road-tested outings for auto enthusiasts.

First stop: LeMay — America’s Car Museum

Image credit: Michael Brunk/Flickr CC

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