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Hottest New Fall Fashion Trends for Back-to-School

Tulle for school? Yep — check out these fab and fun styles and accessories for fall 2015

Photos by Will Austin

Miss the Paris and New York fashion shows? It’s OK — we’re not here to tell you what Dolce & Gabbana or Little Marc Jacobs has in store. Rather, it’s already back-to-school shopping time, and a quick scan of your kids’ closets reveals jeans with blown-out knees, juice-stained tees and unintentional peep-toe sneakers. How can you get out of the mall alive with a few cute outfits or items in the bag? Never fear, fair-weather fashionistas.

We’ve rounded up the hottest fall trends by age group (so you don’t have to). 

Elementary trends

Tween trends

Teen trends

Win a back-to-school shopping spree! 

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