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Here's How Much Your Seattle Neighbors Pay Their Babysitter

Plus, what people plan to spend on summer break babysitting

Published on: May 30, 2018


I was never a very good babysitter.

At least, I never had the bustling trade that so many of my friends in high school seemed to have. (One girlfriend had such a network of families that she was hard-pressed to find a night when she wasn't watching somebody's kids.)

I didn't mind so much; at the most, I made $30 for the evening. But kids these days? They're doing a lot better than that.

National child care service UrbanSitter asked 800 parents what they pay their babysitter. The result? Turns out Phoenix parents get the best deal ($11.83 per hour for one child, $14.14 for two children). San Francisco families, not so much ($17.89 and $20.39).

Any guesses on where our own bustling city ranked? Not surprisingly, Seattle isn't far behind SF at $16.53 per hour for one child, $18.35 per hour for two.

Price that all out for the summer break ahead and what do you learn? We spend A LOT of money on babysitting.

Sixty-two percent of surveyed parents expected to pay more than $500 on babysitters and nannies this summer. A solid 29 percent expect to pay between $500 and $1,999.

Which has me rethinking my own career goals... Anybody hiring a babysitter?

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