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How to Plan a Magical ‘Encanto’ Birthday Party

Party décor, treats, activities and more

Published on: March 24, 2022


Who wouldn’t want to visit the magical land of “Encanto” with its sentient casita, supernaturally gifted characters and brilliantly colored flowers? This gorgeous film about magic and family, plus the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on repeat, makes for a fun birthday party theme. Decorate with bold colors, serve up a beautiful ruffle cake and arepas de queso — and don’t forget the enchanted candle!

Colorful flowers and garland

The key to setting the scene for an “Encanto” party is decorating with bright colors. This bumper set of fans, paper flowers, pom poms, hanging swirls and banners will definitely brighten your party space. Cluster these items together as a background for selfies or hang them behind the food table. 

Serape table runner

Serape table runners can be used in multiple ways. Decorate the table with them, drape them over chairs or incorporate them as photo booth props. The brightly colored stripes and durable cotton fabric mean that these can be reused at your next backyard barbecue or Cinco de Mayo party.

Succulents in cans 

Repurposed cans of El Pato tomato sauce make beautiful vases for fresh or artificial flowers, and they are also great as succulent planters. The brilliant colors will look beautiful scattered around the room or as table centerpieces. Check out this and other ideas for décor at the Inspired by This blog.

Mini maracas

At just 5 inches in length, these brightly painted wood maracas are perfect for little hands. Put them out on the table as part of your décor and then send them home with your guests as party favors. At $12.99 per set of 12, the price is right!

Table décor

Anita of the Live Like You Are Rich blog shares some great ideas for her recent “Encanto” birthday party. She decorated the party table with symbolic items from the movie that related to each character’s magical gift. Check the post to learn about the characters’ symbols and discover more great ideas.

Enchanted candle

You can’t have an “Encanto” celebration without the magical candle! We love this 3D-printed toy from the Etsy shop The Bear and Wolf Studio. It comes with a string of fairy lights that can be inserted so that the whole candle glows. Best of all, there’s no flame to worry about at your party.

Encanto party kit

This all-in-one kit includes 16 colorful balloons featuring various characters from the movie, along with a colorful birthday banner. And the kit’s cake topper and cupcake toppers turn even a plain cake or cupcakes into “Encanto”-themed delights.

Rain cloud in a jar 

Poor Pepa seems to have a perpetual rain cloud following her around throughout much of the movie. For a fun party activity, kids can make it “rain” with their own rain cloud jar. Not only is this a fun STEM project, but it is also an inexpensive activity, requiring only jars, shaving cream and liquid food coloring. Visit the Homeschool Preschool blog for complete instructions.

Arepas con queso

In the movie, Mirabel’s mom, Julieta, makes magic in the kitchen by cooking. She even heals Mirabel’s injured hand with an arepa de queso. These cornmeal cakes are a traditional food in Colombia, and Erica of the My Colombian Recipes blog has just the right recipe for your party. These cheesy treats make an ideal party food.

Pinata ruffle cake

This layered confetti cake, decorated with tinted frosting in multiple ruffled layers, is a thing of beauty. Lauren and Jennifer of the ellenJAY blog provide step-by-step instructions for how to make this gorgeous cake at home.

"Pinata Ruffle Cake"
Pinata Ruffle Cake from Ellenjay

Bruno’s cupcakes

We don’t talk about Bruno, but these cupcakes will be the talk of the party! Bruno’s visions take place in green glass, which is later found in broken pieces in the sand. These cupcakes feature a sprinkling of crumbled graham crackers to represent the sand and are topped with shards of green candy glass. The cupcakes are made from a cake mix and decorated with store-bought frosting that has been tinted with food coloring. Find the full recipe and instructions for making the candy glass at the Magical Adventure Guide blog.

Magical pretzel rods

These adorable treats from Jamie of the Totally the Bomb blog are a tasty combination of salty and sweet. Simply coat some pretzels in icing, then add some bling and brightly colored sprinkles.

"Pretzel sticks"
Pretzel sticks from Totally The Bomb

Keyrings party favor

A set of character key rings will make a great gender-neutral party favor. The set contains six different characters, and the rings will look great on backpacks. The party guests will love the fun trinkets, and parents will love that they’re not candy.


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