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ID tags for your kids: Keep them safe when you're traveling

Published on: December 30, 2013

When we travel by airplane, we make sure our kids wear pants with belt loops. To the loops we attach a luggage tag with our cell phone number.

Sure, the children resemble small valises, but we get tons of comments on every trip from admiring fellow travelers. I am, in fact, surprised that more parents of young children don't affix some sort of ID onto their kids.

A toddler could slip away in the blink of an eye, especially when the parent is distracted by something silly like pleading with a TSA agent or scanning a carousel for baggage or buying food.

If you want something more polished than a luggage tag, there are several online options for kids ID bracelets.

My Precious Kid. My neighbor just ordered one for her daughter for an upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard (lucky!) and it looks sturdy and cute.

Petite Baubles Boutique. They offer slightly more upscale (and spensy) bracelets in stainless steel, gold filled, beaded or sports bands.

Lovable Labels. Medical IDs as well as regular IDs with straps that look like they'll stay put.

Even a piece of paper pinned to their shirt (ala notes-home-from-teacher-circa 1975) will ensure your contactability if you become separated from your child.

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