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10 Insta-Worthy Snack Ideas for Summer

How to make Instagram-worthy summer snacks and treats for your kids


Published on: July 03, 2019

Elaborate ice cream sundae. Photo iStock

A few years ago my son begged me to take him into New York City to this burger place he had heard about through his friends. Black Tap milkshakes had become infamous and he really wanted to try one. Their crazy-delicious candy-covered shakes were ubiquitous on his friends’ Instagram feeds.

One evening, we decided to take the train into the city to see what all the fuss was about. We got there and had to wait over an hour in line outside. Was it worth it? Kind of. The shakes were very pricey, but I have to admit, pretty darn yummy, too!

This summer, I wondered whether it would be possible to recreate the milkshake at home and save myself some time and money. Sure enough, a quick search led me to Modern Honey and her easy tips on how to make your own copycat Black Tap creations.

Inspired, I’ve gathered 10 Insta-worthy snack ideas (including that magnificent milkshake) to delight your kids this summer. 

1. (Almost) Black Tap shake 

The key to shake success is to use frosting as glue. Frost the milkshake glass on the outside and then attach candy (M&M’s, crushed Oreos, peanut butter cups, sprinkles, etc.). After that, you just fill the glass with a regular milkshake, top with whipped cream and then add more toppings.

2. Smoothie bowl 

Start with a base of yogurt, frozen yogurt, acai puree or even ice cream and then line up the toppings in a row – for example, you can do a row of strawberries, a row of coconut, a row of goji berries, a row of chocolate chips, etc.

3. Watermelon fruit bowl  

I love this easy idea! Cut a watermelon in half and hollow out the inside. Rinse and re-fill with a fruit salad — the watermelon itself becomes the bowl. Want to kick up the creativity? Check out for some seriously genius watermelon-as-serving-vessel ideas!

4. Mini waffle and chicken sliders

Simple, satisfying and picture-perfect — nestle a chicken tender between two mini from-frozen waffles and secure with a toothpick. Serve with maple syrup on the side. What could be easier?

5. Funfetti cookie dough  

It’s incredible how rainbow sprinkles can really amp up the fun factor. To make edible cookie dough, you need to leave out the eggs. If you are like me, left to my own devices I could eat a lot of raw cookie dough, so I love that this recipe makes just two servings.

6. “Donut” Rice Krispies treats

Mister Krisp’s Jessica Siskin is a Rice Krispies artist (her “cheeseburger” dessert is Insta-legendary). While some of her creations are a bit challenging to recreate, her donuts are not. Simply shape your Rice Krispies treat mix into the shape of a round donut, ice and sprinkle.  

7. Banana skewers    

Here’s an Omni Hotel treat you can easily make at home. Cut a banana in half and run a bamboo skewer through the center. Dip the banana in yogurt mixed with a little honey and then roll in Fruity Pebbles. Yabba dabba do it!

8. Strawberry shortcake kabobs 

Fruit skewers are fun, sure, but to elevate the dessert you bring to the next BBQ, how about strawberry shortcake on a stick?  Alternate pieces of pound cake and whole strawberries on a skewer and then grill for 2–3 minutes. Serve with whipped cream on the side.

9. Pudding-cup s’mores pops 

Nothing says cookout like hot, delicious smores. The classic recipe — graham crackers sandwiching grilled, gooey marshmallow and chocolate — might not need messing around with. But these pudding pop versions look worth a try. Skewer a marshmallow at the end of a stick and bury it inside of a chocolate Jell-O pudding cup.  Sprinkle the top with crushed graham crackers and then freeze for a minimum of two hours.

10. Easy pan o' s'mores

I can’t resist just one “s’more” recipe — it uses the classic ingredients, but in a pan version to feed a crowd. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Layer a 9” x 9” square pan with graham crackers, top with halved marshmallows and chocolate squares. Bake for 9–11 minutes. Easy and yummy and no burned marshmallows!

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