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It's a Leap Year! Celebrate February 29 With These 7 Crafty Ideas

Hop into a Leap Year party with these 7 frog-themed ideas to get you started

It happens only once every four years, so why not celebrate Leap Day on Monday, February 29? Because the earth’s orbit around the sun doesn’t exactly equal 365 days, every fourth year we get one extra day in February to even things out. It doesn’t seem like much, but over a century those days would add up, throwing the calendar off by almost a month, and changing the months in which seasons usually occur.

Even if you aren’t a leapling (born on Leap Day) you can celebrate as a family through a variety of activities inspired by frogs, the ultimate leapers. Kids can learn about the frog lifecycle with a sensory bin, wear froggy headbands, eat frog-themed snacks and create a Leap Day time capsule to mark the occasion.

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