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Kids' clothing charity coming up empty

Published on: December 30, 2013

imagesOn my mind this morning: Theron Zahn's report (on KOMO-TV) about a local kids' charity that's drowning in its own success. So many people are turning to Lynnwood's Clothes for Kids to get school clothes and supplies for their children that demand has overwhelmed supply.

Here's more from Theron's report:

"Mark Smith, who runs the charity, says it provides school clothes to kids who might otherwise go without. 'So many times people in low-income situations have to rummage through bins or someone pre-selects something to give to them as a hand out,' he says. "What we want people to do is come in and get a shopping experience same as you or I might walking into The Gap or Nordstrom.'"

A little dignity with your essential school clothes, anyone? Problem is, the charity's clothes bins are desperately empty, and Smith tells KOMO he's afraid he'll soon have to turn families away.

Learn how to help here; read Theron's complete report here.

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