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Local non-profit gives back to women and children with cancer

Published on: December 30, 2013

good_wishes1About a month ago, I was watching the morning news in hopes of hearing about a snowy forecast. And though my snow dance prayers were not answered, what came after the forecast was much more interesting.

Laurie Erickson, CEO of the local non-profit Good Wishes, was being interviewed by Q13's Mark Wright about the 'head hugs' that Good Wishes offers for women and children experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy -- completely free of charge. (See the full interview here.) Good Wishes has now given out over 5,400 complimentary head wraps and scarves to women and children throughout the world that are experiencing hair loss from these treatments. The scarves and wraps, typically valued at $72 apiece, are made from breathable, soft materials including cotton, velvet and various types of silk. The 'head hugs' are also offered in a range of bright colors and fun patterns that women of all ages will absolutely love.

Learning about Good Wishes and their mission almost seemed like an answered prayer for me on a very personal level. My own mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and has recently lost all of her hair. And though hair loss is always expected when one is going through chemo, you can never quite be fully prepared for the emotions and overall discomfort that you will feel once it begins.

Before hearing about Good Wishes, my mother had spent hundreds of dollars on a wig made from real hair; this wig not only made her look as if she had a mullet, but it was extremely hot to wear throughout the day and it itched non-stop. Not being a woman of many hats, she had few other options besides staying home or only feeling truly comfortable amongst good friends and family.

I wasted no time in emailing Good Wishes after seeing their interview and I was absolutely blown away. The fact that they donate these beautiful scarves for no reason other than to brighten what can be a very dark time period for women, well, let's just say that it was one of those humbling moments where you are reminded that people can be amazing, good and beautiful.

good_wishes11Not only did Good Wishes promptly send my mother a gorgeous silk head wrap that she now wears every day while running errands and visiting friends, but they even included an adorable card (shown) that each of the employees had signed with personal messages of hope. (Seriously! As if their giving you a wonderful gift isn't enough!)

For more information on Good Wishes' mission and their 'It's A Wrap' program, check out the Good Wishes website. And if there is a special woman in your life that is currently experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, get in touch! Their services have brought such a smile to my mother's face and to imagine others feeling similar during such a sad time is truly remarkable.

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