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Medical ID Fashion: Life-Saving Jewelry Styles for Toddlers to Teens

Cool new IDs help protect kids with peanut and food allergies, autism, epilepsy and more

Medical id bracelets fashionable for kids teens and tweens

When your child has a life-threatening food allergy or serious medical condition, medical jewelry can keep them safe when you aren’t there. A medical ID can explain your kids’ needs to others whether they’re at school, daycare, camp or a friend’s house. Plus, we’ve come a long way from those old metal chain-link bracelets!

With beaded bangles, paracord, leather or silicone wristbands — some with interchangeable picture charms — safety becomes fashionable and fun. We've combed the internet to find the coolest new ID jewelry out there, with styles for kids from toddler to teen. There are even dog tags and medallions for those who aren’t into bracelets. So get cool, stay safe!

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