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Medical ID Fashion: Life-Saving Jewelry Styles for Toddlers to Teens

Cool new IDs help protect kids with peanut and food allergies, autism, epilepsy and more

Published on: April 21, 2014

Medical id bracelets fashionable for kids teens and tweens

When your child has a life-threatening food allergy or serious medical condition, medical jewelry can keep them safe when you aren’t there. A medical ID can explain your kids’ needs to others whether they’re at school, daycare, camp or a friend’s house. Plus, we’ve come a long way from those old metal chain-link bracelets!

With beaded bangles, paracord, leather or silicone wristbands — some with interchangeable picture charms — safety becomes fashionable and fun. We've combed the internet to find the coolest new ID jewelry out there, with styles for kids from toddler to teen. There are even dog tags and medallions for those who aren’t into bracelets. So get cool, stay safe!

Medical bracelets color riot by lauren's hope

Lauren’s Hope began producing stylish medical jewelry in 2001. This beaded bracelet is called “Color Riot” and the tag is interchangeable. So when you want a new look, just unhook the engraved metal tag and attach to the one of the other bracelets available at her online store. After all, a girl has the right to change her mind!

fashion med id bracelet lauren's hope betty paracord

For active kids, try these cool bracelets made from woven paracord. Durable, comfortable and waterproof, these wristbands can keep up with kids through any adventure. Available in several colors, including the “Betty” pictured above, from Lauren’s Hope.

wristbands allermates

Silicone wristbands from Allermates are bold and bright — just what you want in a safety product. We love the charms with fun cartoon characters depicting the different alerts, especially “Crabby” the crab, the symbol for shellfish allergy, and “Pint” for dairy allergy. And for those kids with more than one allergy or condition, Allermates offers a multi-allergy wristband that displays up to six charms. Sweet, strong and safe!

leather wrap medical id bracelet

Tweens and teens often resist wearing medical ID jewelry, but check out these hip leather wrap bracelets from N-Style ID. Wrap around the wrist multiple times as pictured above, or cut to the desired length and wear as a single leather strap. Teens can make this wristband fit their style. Slide on an engraved Contempo or Wave medical ID (sold separately) to stay safe and stylish.

boho jewelry medical id bracelet

If your teen likes the look of leather but wants a little more glitz, try the Boho Wrap Beaded Medical Bracelet from N-Style ID. This wrap leather bracelet is beaded with multiple colors and has a selection of non-medical charms for extra personalization. We think this bracelet is, like, totally cool.

Macrame medical id bracelet

Sturdy, stylish and great for kids of all ages, these macrame ID bracelets from Sticky Jewelry come in a range of rainbow colors. Sticky Jewelry also offers build-your-own beaded bracelets and character necklace charms like princesses and robots and sport strap options.


Autism awareness medical id bracelet

This safety bracelet from Sticky Jewelry might help keep some children safe if they wander off. Parents can have emergency contact information engraved on the back of the plaque. You can also customize any beaded bracelet with an autism plaque, as needed.

bottle cap bracelet medical id jewelry

Is peanut butter your little Superman’s kryptonite? Pint-sized superheroes who won’t wear a medical ID bracelet might go for this fun bottle cap necklace. The medical symbol alerts first responders to flip over the medallion and read the medical info engraved on the back. Check out all the bottle cap jewelry on the My Medical ID.

dog tags fashion medical id jewelry

These aren’t your standard dog tags! Lauren’s Hope offers these dog tag medical IDs in a variety of cool colors. Medical info is engraved on the back; plus, tags come with a black rubber silencer for comfort.

fashion med id jewelry

American Medical ID offers a high-tech option in medical jewelry. Anything that doesn’t fit on the back of an ID is available via phone or internet to first responders 24/7 on A username and pin number is engraved onto the ID, which first responders can use to access medication lists, conditions and any other pertinent information in the event that the patient is unable to speak. My Interactive Health Record (MyIHR) is available with bracelets, medallions and dog tags for a one-time fee.


Hope Paige offers fasionable accessories that blend in with everyday jewelry, but stand out to medical professionals in case of an emergency. Pieces can be personalized and engraved to convey specific medical needs or allergies — and they come in an array of styles! 

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