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Hero Mom Has Three Kids in the Same Year

Think you're tired? This mom has you beat

Jody Allard

Published on: August 18, 2017


As the mother of three sets of twins (and a spare!), I like to think I know a thing or two about twins. But Australian mother Eliza Curby has me beat — she conceived identical twins only six weeks after giving birth to her first child. Six weeks later

But that's not all. Curby and her boyfriend had only been dating for three months when she became pregnant with their first child. Curby gave birth to her son, Charlie, last January and the twins arrived in December. Talk about an instant family!


Curby opened up to about what it's been like to have three babies in a single year.

“Ben’s idea of a family included two children — very nuclear indeed — I, on the other hand have always been set on having as many children as I can — nothing excites me more than the thought of walking through our local streets of Mona Vale with my own little clan," she tells the Australian publication. “Needless to say the decision was taken out of his hands — I win," she adds with a laugh.

Curby is thrilled to have twins, saying she thinks everyone secretly wants to have them — even though she was originally shocked at the news. As a new mother, she attributed her early exhaustion to postpartum fatigue. She says she took four pregnancy tests before one came up positive, and she discovered she was having twins during a routine ultrasound.

“Emotionally it took me about two months and somewhere around 2000 Google ‘twin pregnant stomach’ images to come to terms with the news,” she tells

Adjusting to three kids in a single year hasn't been easy. Curby had to buy a different car to fit all of the carseats, and she and her boyfriend spent a small fortune on all of the baby items for three kids. On her blog, Twingenuity, she writes about mixing up the twins and being so tired she's washed her hair with face wash. With three kids under 1, I can only imagine how tired she must be.

So for all of my twin parents out there, at least our kids aren't less than a year apart. I wish Curby the best — and a whole lot of sleep-filled nights. 

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