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Music Review: Recess Monkey, "Flying!"

Published on: December 30, 2013

recessmonkeyflyingAttention all Recess Monkey Fans: The latest hop-up-and-down, cheek-to-cheek with mom, dance-your-heart-out album is out!

“Flying!” has more of the kid-focused lyrics and sophisticated melodies that you’ve come to love with songs like “Flying”, “The Bravest Kid in the World” and “Toolbox”. You’ll be taken to school in “Day Job”, sway to an ode to Grandmas everywhere with “Grandmom’s House” and hit the breakfast table for some “Flapjacks.” This super hero album touches on many music styles including rock, jazz, funk, and a little doo-wop. Your ears will never be bored.

If you haven’t heard Recess Monkey live, I highly recommend that you check out one of their many local shows this summer. Your kids will thank you and after all that dancing, they are likely to take a great nap!

If you haven’t filled out your Recess Monkey library, you can preview their albums at Follow the link to also check for concert dates and  purchase albums (plus all your Recess Monkey gear).

Best time to listen: At the start of a super-charged summer day (like today!)

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