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Music Review: Caspar Babypants "Sing Along!"

Published on: December 30, 2013

casparbabypantssingalongCaspar Babypants has a new album out! Caspar’s fourth album, “Sing Along,” continues his tradition of danceable, fun and lively music. This time, the album is peppered with special guests (Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam, Frances England, Outtasite and Weird Al Yankovic, to name a few). Many of the songs were inspired by African folk melodies and work songs from early American history.

The call and response style encourages singing along and makes learning the lyrics easy. Running through my head at this very moment is “Loud bird, loud bird, LOUD bird! Loud bird, loud bird, LOUD!” from “Loud and Quiet.” My kids think “My Flea Has Dogs” is hilarious and they always join in and request a repeat.

I’ve got a bunch of favorites including “Long Long Dream,” “Wild Wild Time” and “Bad Blue Jay.” The whole album is great, and I’d venture to say that it is my favorite of Caspar’s albums (and I love all of them).

If you are new to Caspar Babypants, you should know that Caspar is actually Chris Ballew (of Presidents of The United States of America fame) -- and a local fave. I suggest starting with one of the many Caspar Babypants free concerts which you can find at, or hearing Caspar along with other Kindiependent bands at the upcoming Tots ‘n’ Tunes show on Sunday, Aug. 21 at Seattle Center.

You can pick up all the Caspar Babypants CDs at any of his shows, or find them online at Amazon, CD Baby or iTunes.

Best for: Ages 7 and younger

When to listen: Anytime other than bedtime :o)

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