Music Review: The Baby Grands, "The Baby Grands II"

babygrandsI was listening to a random assortment of music with my son today and “Paper Airplane” by The Baby Grands came on. I had to stop and listen. I just love the voice! Chuck Nash is anything but “kiddie” and I can imagine his vocals on any adult rock station (particularly something like KMTT). I don’t really even notice that I’m listening to kid music unless I pay attention to the lyrics. Most of the songs from "The Baby Grands II", like “Upside Down” and “Brain Freeze” are catchy for singing along (or singing later while you are folding laundry). “Pounding Heart”, “Palindrome Express” and “Where Are You From” have great messages that may spark conversation with your kids without being pedantic. The CD starts off with “Hey!” which always gets my kids jumping up and down – they actually call this album the “Hey” CD. All in all, this is a winner of an album that you’ll reach for over and over again.  We do.  Best fit for kids 2-10.

Best time to listen: playtime where an impromptu dance party would be fun, or anytime you want more adult-like music that is appropriate for your kids.

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