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Need Pumpkin Carving Tips? The Pumpkin Professor Is In

Tips, tricks and ideas from a pumpkin carving pro


Published on: October 24, 2018

If your family, like mine, always has artistic visions for your jack-o'-lantern designs that never quite match the reality of your pumpkin carving skills, you're in luck!

This new series of videos from professional pumpkin carver Nalini Asha provides short, simple, easy-to-follow instructions on the most frequently asked questions surrounding upping your pumpkin carving game.

Do you (or the kids) want to know how to transfer your design plans to your pumpkin? Or what tools are best for more intricate carving? Or how to do a "basic etch"? Then, you'll want to subscribe to Asha's series on YouTube before this years' carving commences.

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