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New Summertime Eats: Slices, Barbecue Truck, Farm-Fresh Ice Cream

Trendy, affordable and fun eateries to try with family or visitors

Are you a frustrated foodie who's ready to get back to interesting menus, but with kids in tow? Or are you looking for some new eateries this summer to try with visiting friends? These seven buzzed-about new spots are grown-up- and kid-friendly, from farm-fresh ice cream to a barbecue truck and juicy burger spot everyone should try.

Frelard Pizza Company

Frēlard Pizza Company, Ballard/Fremont

Frelard Pizza Company slice. @2015 Geoffrey Smith
Frelard Pizza Company slice. @2015 Geoffrey Smith

Add another feather to Ethan Stowell's chef hat. The Seattle restaurateur, who owns the Ballard Pizza Company, recently opened Frēlard Pizza Company in that nebulous space between Ballard and Fremont, next to Tray Kitchen. (The area also is now home to Bourbon & Bones and Pomerol, making it perhaps the next culinary it spot.) The pizza is New York style; you can order both whole pies and slices; options include “The Whole Hog,” with sausage, pepperoni, salami and prosciutto and a “Carbonara” pizza, with egg, garlic confit, pancetta and parmigiano reggiano. There's also a wide selection of salads. Rumor has it that wait times are long, so bear that in mind when visiting with kiddos. Try off hours.

Happy-kid tip: There is a kids' play area with chalkboards as well, and the outdoor picnic table seating is ultra-kid friendlyl 

Find it: 410 Leary Way N.W., Seattle. 206-946-9966. Note that Frēlard is open dinner hours, 4-11 p.m.

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