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Our 2011 Superhero Sebrena Burr speaks on Washington state education reform

Published on: December 30, 2013

Sebrena and Rena Mateja Burr, Rainier Valley PostEarlier this month, Wellspring Family Services' Sebrena Burr took the stand at an Olympia press conference with Governor Chris Gregoire to discuss Washington state education reform, and more specifically, education reform in South Seattle.

Burr attended Rainier Beach High School and now has a daughter who is attending South Shore PreK-8 School. "In some communities, kids do okay if they don't get a good education," says Burr. "In Southeast Seattle, it is not the case. For us, fixing our educational system is about saving lives."

Burr's wisdom on the subject of education reform not only stems from her time as a former South Seattle student and now as a South Seattle parent, but also as a well-known South Seattle community advocate. To learn more about Burr's work within the South Seattle community and with Wellspring Family Services, be sure to check out our April issue, where we are honoring Sebrena and her daughter Rena as two of our 2011 Superheroes for Washington families.

To hear Burr's full education reform speech, jump to 17:22 in time on the video featured here.

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