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Parenting Tweens as a Social Media Mom

South Seattle mom Reanne Gamet finds family balance tricky as her Instagram following climbs

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Published on: May 30, 2024

South Seattle family
South Seattle mom Reanne Gamet (bottom right) with her husband and their three children. She says her parenting approaches are shifting in response to her kids advocating more for their beliefs as they approach their teen years. Credit: Reanne Gamet

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The Democratic Authoritarian, Reanne Gamet, South Seattle mom to three tweens

As her children navigate their tween and teen years, Reanne Gamet emphasizes the importance of maintaining both structure and flexibility within her family dynamics.

Gamet says she remembers taking a parenting styles quiz online a while back where she scored between authoritative and democratic. “I think that’s pretty accurate,” she reflects, noting that she can be flexible but is also authoritative when it comes to setting boundaries. This mix allows her to enforce rules and expectations while also respecting her children’s growing independence and individual opinions.

Growing kids, growing Instagram following

As her children have gotten older, Gamet has adapted her parenting style to accommodate their increasing ability to articulate their needs and share their values.

“Now that my kids are in their tweens, they have a lot more to say, which I can definitely appreciate. They’re able to express themselves and advocate for what they believe in,” she says.

As a budding “momfluencer” with over 10,000 followers on Instagram (@gsquadohana), Gamet says that it’s becoming increasingly tricky to navigate between sharing authentic moments with her family while protecting her children’s privacy as they get older.

Respecting kids’ wishes and family values online

In deciding what to post online, she emphasizes the importance of respecting her kids’ autonomy and preferences, while keeping in mind that social media is all about finding the right balance.

While Gamet is finding her way as a content creator, she is also educating her children on how to engage with social media in a way that works for their family. She reminds them that while oversharing online can be fun and exciting, they also need to keep their family’s values in mind.

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