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Blended Family, Unified Approach

North Bend Mom Pamela Savagaonkar on raising kind, independent children

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Published on: May 30, 2024

blended family walking together in the Pacific Northwest
Pamela Savagaonkar (second from right) and her husband with their four children. The Savagaonkar family is proudly blended and bicultural. Credit: Janine Soltman Photography

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The Unified Team Parent, Pamela Savagaonkar, North Bend mom to four kids spanning elementary school through college-age

Pamela Savagaonkar is the owner of Cascade Enrichment, a tutoring company serving students from kindergarten through high school.

As a mom in a blended and bicultural family, Pamela emphasizes a collaborative and intentional approach to parenting alongside her husband. She says her parenting values align with what has been called “Tiger Parenting,” but she does not use that term because of its reductive anti-Asian implications.

A synchronized parenting strategy

“Our children watch our every move and can easily spot hypocrisy,” Pamela explains, highlighting the importance of leading by example. She and her husband adopt what she calls authoritative parenting, balancing firm expectations with responsiveness to their children’s needs.

This approach is guided by a shared philosophy that underscores the couple’s unity in parenting decisions. “We deeply value each other’s opinions and often discuss the best actions, aiding our decision-making for our children,” she says, emphasizing the importance of alignment in their parenting strategies.

Supporting responsible, kind kids

The couple encourages their children to develop independence and self-discipline, organizing their weekends to balance academics, extracurriculars and personal time. This structure not only promotes effective time management but also instills a sense of responsibility.

Pamela takes pride in seeing the tangible outcomes of their parenting approach, particularly in moments when her children demonstrate initiative and kindness. “I am immensely proud when I see our children taking initiative, showing independence, standing up for what's right and being kind,” she says.

Bicultural family values

Reflecting both their professional backgrounds and cultural values, Pamela and her husband have created a parenting dynamic that respects their diverse upbringings while focusing on common educational and moral goals.

They cherish sharing stories from their own childhoods, helping their children appreciate different perspectives and histories. Through their unified approach, Pamela and her husband strive not only for academic success but to nurture well-rounded individuals, making every decision a reflection of their shared values and commitment to their family’s growth.

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