ParentMap, October 2015 Issue

Published on: September 29, 2015

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 To the devoted parents navigating challenges with special needs children and to the caregivers working to improve the lives of others — this one's for you. 

There is a golden thread magically woven through our October special needs issue. It’s not the words that describe myriad institutions, research advancements or advocacy for children and families with special needs. The magic is the humans: their hearts, vision and action.

Don't miss our Q&A with the founder of Ladybug House, a freestanding, community-based palliative-care home in Seattle to offer respite to children with life-limiting illnesses. Learn how Seattle's PlayGarden provides a place where kids of all abilities can explore, take risks, play and be creative and explore, and why self-care is vital role for parents who are raising a special needs child.  

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Special Needs 

The Anxiety Monster: Wrangling Strategies to Help Kids Feel Less Worried

Small Tasks, Big Triumphs: Adaptive Functioning in Autism

7 New Books About Special Needs and Learning Differences to Help Parents

Eating Clean: A Game-Changer for Neurocognitive Disorders?

Finding Clarity: Spotting Vision Problems in Kids With Special Needs


Dear Reader: Opening Our Hearts to Support All Parents

Brain Fuel: Parent News, Snack-Sized


What About Your Special Needs? Self Care for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Out & About: 

Nature Therapy at Seattle Children’s PlayGarden

Ask the Experts:

Ask the Experts: Academics Versus Emotional Health

Ask the Experts: Friends for the Shy Introvert

Someone You Should Know: 

Someone You Should Know: Suzanne Gwynn 


'It's Only ADHD' and Other Stupid Things People Say

More Good Stuff: 

ParentMap's 2015 Learning Issue

2015 Guide to Participating NWAIS Schools of Western Washington



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