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7 New Books About Special Needs and Learning Differences to Help Parents

Maybe you've yet to get a formal diagnosis, or you're interested in in-depth information, or even want guidance for issues with siblings, these books are a great place to start

As a a parent of a daughter with learning differences, I often have a hard time looking at the big picture. I see what’s right in front of me: a girl who struggles with speech, reading, math, writing and complex physical skills such as jumping rope. But if I step back, I see that we live in a lucky time: Resources are all around my family. Lately, I’ve been stepping back by diving into books. Away from the constant flash of the Internet’s latest news, books offer parents (and sometimes kids) who are navigating learning differences and special needs a deep well of information, resources and support.

This curated roundup gathers new titles in the special needs/atypical learner category.

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