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Pumpkin Carving Ideas: "Angry Birds" Jack-O-Lanterns

Published on: December 30, 2013

picture-1Got a little one who goes bonkers for all things Angry Birds? We know the feeling all too well -- and that's exactly why we can't get enough of this idea from Alpha Mom for making Angry Birds Halloween jack-o-lanterns!

Featuring free Angry Birds printable templates, Alpha Mom offers up a handful of everyone's favorite slingshot-soaring heroes -- including Yellow Bird, Red Bird, Chicken, and even the grumbling evil Pig, along with baby pig minions that can be cut out and taped onto decorative mini pumpkins.

So, if you're looking to have a little fun with your pumpkin carving this year, definitely check out the Alpha Mom site for an easy tutorial with tips on creating your own Angry Birds-o-lanterns. And who knows -- after Halloween is over, you may just need to have a couple rounds of some backyard slingshot target practice with the kiddos!

Photo credit: Alpha Mom

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