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Rainy Day Craft: Stuffed Animals

Published on: December 30, 2013

Handmade Stuffed Animals

Lately it seems like everyone in my life has been having babies. In fact, in the last 2 months, 8 (!!!) little ones have been added to my circle of family and friends. Thinking about meeting all of them has me so excited, but thinking about all the money I have to shell out for gifts? Not so much. That's why this past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to get creative and make our own stuffed animals.

These handmade characters are less expensive and way more personal than anything we could buy. Plus, it's really fun to create a new friend! If your kids are old enough to cut and stuff, they'll love this craft.

Here's what you'll need:

- Fabric

- Stuffing

- Felt

- A sewing machine

- Scissors

- A marker

- Needle and thread

- Buttons (optional for eyes)

- A pattern (optional)

Step one: Find a picture of the creature you want to create. I did a Google image search for Ugly Dolls and my boyfriend created the popular Domo Kun doll. You can also draw your own.

Stuffed Animal Patterns

Step two: Cut out and trace your pattern onto your fabric. Then cut out the pieces, leaving an inch or so between the drawn line and the edge of your fabric.

Stuffed Animal Pattern

Step three: On the side opposite of your pattern line, sew on your mouth, eyes and nose.

Stuffed Animal Features

Step four: Sew the pieces together on the seams, inside out. Make sure to leave an opening for stuffing and turning your animal right side out.

Sewing Stuffed Animals

Step five: Turn your animal right side out and stuff! If you're having trouble getting the arms or ears out, make sure you cut closely to the seams, minimizing the amount of fabric.

Handmade Stuffed Animals

Step six: Hand stitch the hole at the bottom.

You're done!

Note: Buttons should not be used on stuffed animals going to children under 3.

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