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Snow Cream: Dessert That Falls from the Sky!

Published on: December 30, 2013


A couple nights ago while searching for edible crafts to do with my nieces, I happened to come across this recipe (and lovely photo) for Creamsicle snow cream and I could barely believe my eyes.

How could I not have known about this?!

I grew up in Alaska where my childhood revolved around the three to six feet of snow in our yard on any given winter day. Or as my inner six-year-old self now sees it -- the three feet of SNOW CREAM that laid in the yard each year. After getting over my initial surprise of seeing ice cream made from snow, I decided to investigate this said snow cream. And guess what -- there are tons of recipes out there! (Pinch me.)

We've been trying to plan a trip up to the mountains next month for a little snow fun with friends and I can honestly say now that I am not only counting down the days until we hit the slopes or drink hot chocolate by the fire -- I am on a snow cream-making mission.

I'm kicking myself for not having seen this idea during one of the snow storms that left Seattle paralyzed and blanketed with icy roads in the past couple years. And though our snow days may be short-lived here in the lowlands, I'll continue to have hope! (Or at least continue to do my "snow cream" dance right up until we make it into the mountains.)

If you too have never heard of snow cream and also have an inner six-year-old self that is just dying to try it, here's the scoop on a handful of snow cream recipes that we are super excited about:

Orange Creamsicle snow cream

Eggnog snow cream

'New and improved' snow cream (made with vanilla pudding -- ZOMG!)

Chocolate chip snow cream

Strawberry snow cream


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