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The Cutest Olympians Ever: 16 Reader Photos of Kids Doing Sports They Love

Published on: August 01, 2012

Aidan plays lacrosse

AWWWW. We asked and our readers responded with sweet and inspiring pictures of kids doing the sports they love. After watching the Olympics and seeing the dedication it takes to become a competitive athlete, it's fun to see where a passion for sports all begins—in childhood! Here Aiden, from Redmond, discovers his new passion this summer: lacrosse!

Alexi plays soccer

At age 4, Alexi, who has Down syndrome, used a walker. But he so wanted to keep up with his teammates that one day on the field, he walked right out of his walker and never looked back, says his mom.

Alexi playing soccer

Alexi at age 7. He lives in Kent and plays soccer in Federal Way.

Girls running team

The High Voltage Track Club of South Seattle at the recent National Junior Olympics in Baltimore, where they took 4th in the nation in their 4 x 100 relay, secured the Region 13 record, and received All-American Honors. From left to right: Sanae, Aliyah, Ka'Ella, Talia.

Girls swim

Swimmers Amelie from Haller Lake, left, and her friend Mari.

Estella shooting hoops

Estella from Haller Lake making her first basket on the nine-foot hoop.

Max, martial artist

Max, from Kent, loves martial arts!

Soccer twins

Identical twins Gavin and Dimitri currently play for West Seattle Soccer Club. Their mom says they love sports and will try them all!

Spencer, speed stacker

Spencer recently competed in the Junior Olympics in Houston, Texas, in the sport of speed stacking and earned a silver medal and a fourth place ribbon. Spencer got into speed stacking on a team at his school, Lake Tapps Elementary, and has been enjoying it ever since.

T-ball boy

Five-year-old Ty Jason has enjoyed playing T-Ball. It has helped him to be more confident, and he has made a lot of friends in the process, says his mom.

Mikaela, swimmer

Mikaela, 11, of South Seattle, making the qualifying time for the Southern Division Finals meet.

Blaise, swimmer

Seven-year-old Blaise swims for Shoreline Gators swim club, where he loves the camaraderie of a team and gets to improve his individual skills, too.

Kyler, bowler

Kyler, from Shoreline, has been a bowler since he learned to walk. He plays on a league and has learned good sportsmanship and that winning isn't everything.

Girl playing soccer

Lola, from Ballard, was nervous to try soccer but finally gave it a go on a team with her friends. She's getting ready for a super fun fall season.

Balance beam boy

Isaac prepares for the 2028 Summer Olympics at The Creative Dance Center in Shoreline, Washington.

Toddler soccer

Neko, 3, of Vashon Island, says she's going to win a medal in the Olympics one day.

A big thanks to all our readers who submitted photos of their mini Olympians! For more Olympics and athletic ideas check out our stories on:

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