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20 Things Only Seattle Parents Will Understand

It turns out there's one topic that really unites us

Vicky McDonald

Published on: July 13, 2022

Summer is hot-hot for some Seattle-area kids

If you have lived in Seattle for any amount of time, you will know that most of us (even the kids) are preoccupied with the weather. We love to talk at length about the wet winters, the misery of June-uary and the intense (to us) heat of July and August. Our obsession with the weather is surprising when you think about it because we have a wonderfully temperate climate. Sure, it rains a lot, but we’re not even one of the top 10 wettest states in the U.S. Plus, it rarely gets unbearably hot, except for that strange heat dome anomaly in 2021.

We recently asked our readers what it means to be a parent in Seattle. Their responses mostly related to the weather, wet weather gear and raising resourceful kids. Maybe, dealing with the weather defines what it is to be a Seattleite.  

Summer weather woes

  • With the first ray of sun, your kids complain they are melting. 😆
  • When your child asks you to “turn the sun off.”
  • Your toddler finds a blue sky to be unnatural. “The sky is supposed to be white!”
  • It’s June and you have to remember to take your child’s puffy coat to the park — just in case.

Wet weather woes

  • You have memorized which kid songs fit the rhythm of your windshield wipers.
  • You send your kid to camp with sunscreen and a raincoat.
  • Rain pants are as common as rain jackets.
  • You do everything in the rain otherwise you’d never do anything. Also, you bought an umbrella at Target 10 years ago and it has never been used.

Raising resourceful kids

  • You have to warn your child to watch out for bears and bobcats when skateboarding on the trail near the house.
  • Your children can fix a broken bike seat with duct tape.
  • Your kid went to farm school and could dress themselves, weather appropriately, by the time they were 18 months old, and they live to play outside during mud season.🤓
  • Your child tells you Lake Washington isn't cold. 
  • Your backseat floor mats are full of sand *and* pine needles.

It's all about the right gear 

  • You own a boot dryer.
  • Your kids don’t wear flip-flops in the summer. Maybe they own one pair if even that. It’s water shoes and closed-toed sandals.
  • Your kids wear rain boots for more than half of the year.
  • You don't buy too many cloth shoes for them 😂 and if you do that water repellent spray stays handy.
  • You bring towels to the park to wipe down equipment.
  • You own several blue tarps.
  • Your kids still wear long sleeve shirts to summer camp in July.

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