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Brickit: A Lego App That Will Delight Parents and Kids

This clever app scans your Lego bricks and suggests what to make

Vicky McDonald

Published on: March 15, 2022


Editor's note: The Brickit app is still free, but they also offer a paid pro version with extra features. To opt out of the pro version, click the 'skip' option in the top right of the screen. 

Lego is a funny thing — If you loved it as a kid, you might not love it as much as a parent. For one, there are just so many fiddly little pieces these days, and it’s not just because I’ve gotten bigger and clumsier. As a parent, I have wasted countless hours of my life searching for some tiny speck of a Lego brick that my kid needs to complete some elaborate boat or train — and he of course cannot find it. After some fruitless searching, we begin to wonder if this piece even exists or if the dog ingested it.

On occasion, we have lost the book which explains how to make said elaborate boat or train, and my kids are distraught. They love having a plan or a manual to work from. Whatever happened to just “making stuff up” and building odd-shaped houses with whatever pieces you have? My relationship with Lego has clearly changed, and I don’t think I am alone. Recently, some hardcore Lego fans created an app that thankfully addresses a lot of my Lego woes.

The app is called Brickit, and the concept is very simple. Once you download the app, you spread all your Lego pieces on a table and scan them. The app then counts all the pieces and offers suggestions for what you can build with your stockpile. Once you select an item to build, it offers you all the instructions (bye, bye Lego books!) and even shows you where the pieces are from the scan (no more wondering if the dog ate that missing piece).  

The app works best with collections of 150 bricks or more. It is currently free for Apple and Android devices. You can see how it works on the website and you can follow along on Instagram to see some Brickit creations.  

Now I just need an app or some kind of robotic Lego vacuum to tidy up all the errant pieces on the floor!

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