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Top 5 'Must-Haves' From a New Mom

Published on: December 30, 2013

Are you a soon-to-be mom wondering what you must have once the baby comes? Wonder no longer because these 5 items will make having that newborn a little bit easier.

Transitional Nursing Tank Top1. Transitional Nursing Tank Top

Two important factors once having that baby: support and comfort. This tank top provides all of the above. The support is great and the fabric is soft enough that it is perfect for lounging around the house, stepping out to the grocery store or going to bed. It fits over that post-partum belly yet still creates that fashionable look you may be going for. This tank top also allows you to breastfeed with modesty when you are out and unhooks easily. Find it on in many different colors.

stillpant2. Still Pants

Are you looking for a pair of comfortable pants that you can either wear to sleep in or to venture out of the house? Look no further because has these stretchy, soft pants that can be worn while pregnant and after the baby comes. After all, who doesn't want to kill two birds with one stone?


3. Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

This versatile nursing pillow found at makes this process a whole lot easier. There is a strap that goes around your body and clips like a belt so that you can adjust the height up and down your torso. It also has a pocket for all necessary breast feeding gear. The other great thing about it? There are multiple patterns and colors to choose from so that you can have it match your style.


4. Miracle Blanket

The baby won't stop crying. You only got one hour of sleep last night and are exhausted. What to do? Swaddle your baby in this miracle blanket. It does not have velcro like most others out there so that you can make it as tight as you want to. This also allows you to adjust it any way that is most comfortable for you and baby. You can choose from a few different colors; beige, pink or blue.


5. Hospital Gown

Regular hospital gowns can be extremely uncomfortable while going into labor and having to worry if it is going to come undone while taking a walk or how you are going to breastfeed once baby is here. lets you pick the pattern that you want on your gown and has snaps in the back that keeps you fully covered. Bonus? There are breastfeeding snaps on the front, top half, that creates comfort and efficiency.

Check out these top items so that you can start off motherhood with comfort and ease!

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