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Best Places to Go Sledding and Tubing for Seattle-Area Kids and Families

From the Summit at Snoqualmie’s screaming-fun tubing hill to Mount Rainier’s snow play area

Published on: December 01, 2022

Tubing Center at Summit of Snoqualmie
Tubing Center at Summit of Snoqualmie

Where to go sledding and tubing near Seattle

Editor’s note: With a little snow already reaching the lowlands, you know it’s piling up in the mountains, but any time you’re considering heading for the hills, it’s essential to do a status check the morning you’re planning to go. Winter conditions can change day-by-day, and sometimes even hour-by-hour. Have fun!

Sledding is the definition of a screaming-good time. We’ve tracked down a handful of awesome sledding hills where you can go to enjoy the thrill of slipping and sliding your way down a snow-packed hill (weather permitting, of course). Speaking of which, we recommend always checking conditions and open/closed status before you go.

Many of these spots include a nearby indoor area for resting and warming up, but in any case, be sure to dress warmly and bring a change of clothes for little ones. Adhesive hand and foot warmers (available at many stores) can be a great option for keeping little fingers and toes toasty. We also recommend bringing along plenty of snacks and — for bonus points! — a thermos of hot cocoa.

First up: the Summit

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