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Best British Columbia Ski Resorts for Seattle-Area Families

Epic family adventures await at 7 winter wonderlands across the border

Writer Heather Larson

Published on: November 16, 2021

Child and parent skiing at SilverStar Mountain Resort, B.C., Canada
Skiing at SilverStar Mountain Resort. Credit: Rob Thompson

Plan the ultimate B.C. ski vacation with kids

Travel to Canada is back on the table, and many Pacific Northwest families are itching to stretch their ski legs. Our neighbor to the north, British Columbia, is home to many fantastic ski resorts that cater to families. All of them offer skiing and snowboarding lessons for the young ones, and most have day care for the wee ones. These features complement their friendly, caring staff and a variety of aprés options, making them ideal adventure destinations for Puget Sound-area families.

Do double-check travel and border-crossing requirements at the time you’re considering a jaunt to B.C., whether you plan surface or air travel (drive times from Seattle and nearest airports are listed for each resort). If driving, double-check your route against road closures as heavy flooding during fall 2021 has closed some sections of highway.

Ready to make some quality memories in a nearby winter wonderland? Use the arrows above the image to scroll through all the great snow-sport destinations.

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