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Top 10: Water Safety Tips For Your Aqua-Tot

Published on: December 30, 2013

Poking around the vast ParentMap archives, I came across this seemingly topical article on swimming babies by Laurie Thompson. Seemingly only because while it may be June, I debated wearing mittens today. No kidding.


I have faith. Summer will come! We will put on bathing suits! We will drink lemonade!

And we will be aware of water safety for our kids! Some important and smart tips below for staying safe while having fun.

Water Safety Tips For Kids Of All Ages

10) Always supervise your child in and around the water.

9) Pay attention to your child: He or she should feel happy and secure in the water.

8) Before entering any pool or water body, read the signs. Follow all posted rules and be aware of hazards.

7) Ensure that your swimming area offers a clean, safe environment: good water quality, non-slip surfaces, lifeguard, etc.

6) Check water temperature of the pool: 87-94 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for babies.

5) Don't tire them out: 30 minutes is enough for young children and beginners.

4) Avoid too much sun: Use UV-protective clothing and child-safe sunscreen.

3) Protect the feet: wear flip-flops around the pool and sand shoes at the beach.

2) Drink water to avoid dehydration.

1) Talk to older children about the danger of strangers in public pool or beach settings.

Bonus! Know CPR.

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