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What to Watch: New Netflix Shows for Families This June

Brighten up your day with these new shows on Netflix

Published on: June 02, 2022


It’s almost summer, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here in the soggy PNW. While you are waiting for the sun to come out and play, here are some exciting new TV shows and movies to keep you and the fam distracted. 

  • June. 3: “Floor Is Lava” (Season 2) — This high-octane game show features teams competing to navigate rooms flooded with lava.
  • June. 3: “Surviving Summer” — A New York teen is expelled from school and exiled to Australia, where she learns to appreciate the joys of surfing and small-town life.
  • June. 6: “Action Pack” (Season 2) —The heroic kids from the Action Academy are back to battle some baddies using their superpowers. 
  • June. 10: “Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness” — Three brave animal explorers work together to find a powerful artifact.
  • June. 13: “Charlie’s Colorforms City” (multiple new seasons) — This popular animated series for preschoolers features Charlie, who creates new stories using different shapes.
  • June. 16: “Dead End: Paranormal Park” (Season 1) — This new animation series is about two teens and a pug battling demons at a haunted theme park.
  • June. 16: “Karma’s World Music Videos” — Karma is back at the mic with a new playlist of some empowering tunes. 
  • June. 17: “Rainbow High” (Season 2) — Fashion dolls come to life to show off their talents and skills in this glam animated series. 
  • June 22: “Sing 2”— Buster Moon and the gang are back. This time they’re on a mission to persuade a reclusive rock star to join their group.
  • June 22: “The Hidden Lives of Pets” — This delightful British series reveals interesting facts about pets’ senses and abilities.
  • June 24: “Angry Birds: Summer Madness” (Season 2) — Chuck, Bomb and Stella spend an eventful summer at Camp Splinterfield.
  • June 27: “Chip and Potato: Chip’s Holiday” — Falling coconuts are keeping everyone awake! Chip and Potato come up with a clever plan to stop all the coconuts from falling. 
  • June 30: “Sharkdog” — (Season 2) This cute animated series is about a creature that is half shark, half dog — and all heart. 

Top picks for grown-ups:

  • June 10: “Peaky Blinders” (Season 6) — “Peaky Blinders” will come to a dramatic conclusion in its sixth and final season.
  • June 13: “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America” — This powerful documentary about systematic racism in America is a must-watch. 
  • June 15: “God’s Favorite Idiot” (Season 1) — Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone headline this new comedy series filmed in Australia. 
  • June 22: “The Umbrella Academy” (Season 3) —This new installment of the series promises to be the show’s biggest yet, as our heroes face off against the Sparrows.

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