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Dragon's Landing Treasure Hunt

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This year's theme, "Elemental Quest," draws inspiration from the elemental forces of nature, leading participants on a journey through earth, air, fire, and water-themed locations in their quest to uncover the dragon eggs hidden throughout Renton.

Starting on Friday, April 5, you are invited to join the search for dragon eggs scattered across the city. A total of 25 "eggs" will be hidden on April 5, with an additional 25 eggs added on the morning of Friday, April 13.

Crafted with care by the Renton Art Glass Studio, these beautifully hand-blown eggs feature stunning blue, green, red, and yellow hues, representing the four elements of nature. Each 4-inch sphere bears the RMAC stamp on the sealing button. Keep your eyes peeled for these colorful orbs peeking out from drawstring bags, hidden in various locations. Don't forget to register your discovery and tag the local business where it was found on social media to share the excitement!

Get ready to explore Renton and embark on an enchanting quest to uncover the mythical dragon eggs!

Register to receive your clues for the egg hunt! 

Don't miss the Dragon's Landing Street Fair Celebration on Sunday, April 14 (following the Dragon Dash 5k/10k) that tops off the festivities and experience the magic of Renton's rooftop dragon celebration firsthand and be part of an unforgettable day of enchantment, where artisanal crafts, medieval performances and festivities for all ages await!

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Event Details