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Unlocking Stress-Free Holiday Hosting: Your Ikea Essentials Guide

Be prepared for guests (expected or not!) this holiday season

Published on: October 10, 2023

Family hugging and greeting as they arrive for a holiday celebration

Part of the magic of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones, whether they are visiting for a meal or the whole holiday shebang. And while guests bring joy, they can also bring logistical challenges. Thankfully, these Ikea essentials will provide solutions before problems arise. Whether it’s thoughtful guest room details or practical hosting essentials for large dinners, you'll be ready for anything the season throws at you. 

Slippers and bathrobes

white bathrobe and slippers sitting on a wooden bench are hosting essentials from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

When traveling, a couple comforts of home that usually don't make the carry-on cut are your favorite pair of slippers and cozy bathrobe — and oh, are they missed! But they don’t have to be. These fuzzy slippers and soft bathrobe are both reasonably priced, and will be a welcome sight to jetlagged loved ones.

Drinking carafe and glasses

Water pitcher filled with ice sitting next to water glasses hosting essentials from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

Making your way through someone else’s home for a midnight sip can be a little daunting, so set guests up with a carafe of water and drinking glasses in the guestroom.

Bath towels

White bath towels and a blue hand towel sitting on the side of the sink hosting essentials from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

Incoming guests are always a good excuse to assess your bath towel situation. If they’re looking a little tired, be sure to restock the guest bath with a fresh set. And after the season, we are not above hiding these away until the next round of guests arrive to keep them in peak shape.


Stack of ginger thin cookies from Ikea hosting essentials from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

Whether it’s a midnight snack attack or an afternoon sweet tooth, satisfy guests without them having to ask. Make up a little basket of goodies, right in their room. We recommend offering a selection: something sweet, something salty, and something to eat with coffee or tea.

An extra bag

woman holding a large green bag with stars that is a hosting essentials from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

Sometimes guests leave with more than they arrived with. Whether it’s holiday gifts or dirty laundry, this bag will come in handy when it’s time to head home. At just $3 each, you might want to purchase a few to have on hand in a pinch.

Coffee essentials

"French press with coffee in front of a coffee cup"
Photo credit, Ikea

Refresh your coffee station to perk up guests each morning. A French press is one of the simplest ways to brew a fresh cup. Speaking of cups, here are some very cute minimalist coffee mugs that can work with any kitchen aesthetic. You can keep ground coffee in this canister so guests can brew as they please.

Serving essentials

White serving dish being put into the oven is a hosting essential from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

There’s nothing worse than realizing too late that you don’t quite have enough serving dishes and spoons for the meal you’re preparing. This dish is oven-friendly and will also look great as part of a tablescape. Simple serving spoons can also be a chic, practical addition. Don’t forget about leftovers. Stock up on these stackable resealable food containers.

Wine glasses

wine glasses with red wine are a hosting essential from ikea
Photo credit, Ikea

Most of us have at least a couple wine glass casualties over the course of a year, and it’s always better to have a few too many than to come up short for happy hour. This set of six is perfect for whatever you’ll be pouring this season.

Entryway details

"Coat stand holding coat and bag near a shoe rack in an entryway"
Photo credit, Ikea

With all the holiday comings and goings, an extra basket or two can go a long way toward keeping shoes corralled and a coat rack can take on the excess load of coats, hats and scarves. With our wet and wild Northwest weather you never know when your guests might need a little extra help staying dry on their way out the door. 

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