ParentMap Magazine

January 2020

Did you know that research shows that simply making a resolution increases our chances of reaching that goal by tenfold? From the perfectly practical to the aspirationally ambitious, our January feature may help you reflect back with 20/20 hindsight on the past decade in order to commit to new productive habits for the dawning decade that will put you on track to achieve personal, financial and professional goals.

Speaking of making fresh tracks, this month’s Out + About jaunt lays out a first-timers’ guide to family showshoeing. Get out and enjoy the white stuff! The January issue of ParentMap also focuses on family wellness, from nifty ways to inspire healthy dental habits in kids to coping with pelvic pain during pregnancy to helping prevent teen marijuana use and more.

Wherever you make tracks in 2020, we wish your family a safe, happy and healthy New Year!