Meet Milo

ParentMap, October 2016 Issue

This issue is devoted to raising kids with learning differences and special needs. Our October cover boy is the never overwhelmed Milo. Milo is a socially assistive robot (SAR) with the patience to repeat things as many times as necessary without frustration. (Can you imagine?) He’s programmed to adapt to the needs of his young human friends, helping kids emotionally and socially connect while expanding the landscape of possibility for those with special needs. 

There are also myriad therapies, programs and specialists to engage every child’s body, heart and mind. Take our piece on equine-assisted therapy.

No doubt, we will be better role models to our kids by being more overtly kind, outgoing and accepting when we observe, meet or interact with a child or adult with special needs. By reaching out to hear all voices, we will learn important lessons about others and about ourselves.