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18 Easter Activities and Games for Kids

Keep the kids busy with these egg-citing activities, games, crafts and more

Published on: March 25, 2024

Girl playing an indoor Easter game

During Easter weekend, kids will be hungry for some fun and engaging holiday activities. We’ve rounded up a fun selection of games, crafts and activities to do leading up to the big day as well as coloring sheets and sensory activities to occupy little ones while parents prep the Easter meal.

1. Easter Peeps game

Peeps, whether you love them or hate them, have become an unmistakable sign of Easter. But don't worry, this game doesn't require you to eat any of the squishy "treats". Each team puts a shower cap on one player and covers it with shaving cream. The other team members take turns throwing Peeps into the shaving cream. Whichever teams gets the most Peeps to stick, wins. This game might require a bit of clean up, but we think the laughs it will produce will be worth it. Head to Get Your Holiday on for details. 

2. Carrot toss

This fun game uses items from the Dollar Store, making it inexpensive to set up. And once you’ve got the supplies on hand, you can pull it out year after year. Set up a few orange cones and attach some green Easter basket “grass” on the top of each, making your carrots. Grab a few glow sticks, bend them into a circle, and get tossing! Time for a Game has all the details you’ll need.

"Carrot toss game"
Carrot toss game. Photo credit: Time for a Game

3. Egg shaker matching

Gather an even number of plastic eggs and divide them into pairs. Fill each pair with different small objects (one pair contains jelly beans, another pair holds pennies, etc.). Put all the eggs in a basket and have players shake the eggs and try to match the pairs. The person or team with the most correct matches wins! 

4. Easter rockets

Sneak a little learning into your celebration with these cool Easter rockets. Kids will love seeing rabbits and ducks shooting up in the air.  Malia at The STEM Laboratory blog offers this egg-citing science project that requires just a few common household materials.

"Easter egg rockets game"
Easter egg rockets. Photo credit: The STEM Laboratory

5. Egg popper tree

This game is a great activity for older kids who have aged out of community egg hunts (or are too cool for them). It’s a simple concept: Instead of hunting for eggs, kids have to pop plastic eggs to get the candy. Head on over to The Studio DIY blog for instructions.

6. Easter printables 

The free printable Easter coloring sheets and games that can be downloaded from the Crayola website will keep kids occupied over the Easter weekend. Choose from coloring pages, a word search, a basket craft and even Easter bingo. 

"Kids coloring Easter printables"
Printable Easter coloring sheets and games help keep the kids busy and provide a quiet moment during a busy weekend

7. Egg-rolling race

For those kids and adults who don’t mind getting down on the floor or grass, try this fun game from Kid-Friendly Things to Do. Best done on a slick surface, players line up and roll a hard-boiled egg to the finish line using their nose. Don’t be surprised if everyone ends up on the floor laughing! 

8. Easter egg dice game

Britni from Play Party Plan offers a free printable and instructions for an easy Easter-themed dice game. The number you roll determines what everyone does, such as pass your egg to the right or swap eggs with your neighbor. Play this game with plastic eggs from a hunt, prize-filled eggs or a special golden egg.

"Hand rolling dice for an Easter game"
Roll the dice for a fun Easter game full of surprises 

9. An edible Easter house

Autumn of It’s Always Autumn fame has a novel take on an Easter gingerbread house that is created using Peeps and graham crackers. The kids could make this cute house before Easter and use it as décor for the big day or they could make it on Easter Sunday with their stash of candy. 

10. A crafty hunt

Hiding and seeking is always a fun outdoor activity. Change up your traditional egg hunt with a painted rock hunt, or go on a nature walk and hide Easter egg rocks for others to find. Check the Projects with Kids blog post for ideas and fun techniques.

"Painted rocks easter project"
Painted Easter egg rocks. Photo credit: Projects With Kids

11. A hunt for rainy days 

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt board game is perfect for pre-readers ages 3 and older. Match the colors in the carrots to fill your basket first to win. This game is for 2–4 players and teaches matching, taking turns and colors.

12. Inflatable bunny ears ring toss

Everyone can be a bunny with these inflatable ears! Kids and adults alike will have fun tossing rings onto bunny ears. The game comes with three, five or six inflatable ears to be worn as a hat for tossing the rings. These would make great photo ops, too!

"Inflatable bunny ears Easter game"
Inflatable Bunny Ears game: Photo credit: Amazon

13. Feed the bunny egg-rolling game

Stacy, author of the Crazy Outdoor Mama blog, transforms an old box into a rabbit that eats eggs for this creative DIY game that can be played inside or outside. Take a look at the adorable photos and find out how the game is played on the blog. 

14. Traditional egg and spoon race game

See who can make it past the finish line first without dropping their egg in this classic game for spring. This 12-piece set is made of wood, so those dropped eggs won’t make a big mess. The colorful pieces can be used again and again at family gatherings and parties.

"Wooden egg and spoon race set for Easter game"
Wooden egg and spoon race set. Photo credit: Amazon

15. Quick and easy games

Need some fun games that don’t take much time? These minute-to-win-it games from Little Bins for Little Hands are just the ticket! The games all use inexpensive items such as straws and plastic Easter eggs that you probably already have around the house. Even teens and adults will enjoy playing these games.

16. Sack race

Burn up some extra energy with a family sack race. Buy these burlap sacks from Amazon or use old pillowcases. To play, players step into a sack, and hold the sack up with their hands as they jump to the finish line!

"Family burlap sack race"
Every once can get in on the fun of a sack race!

17. Easter egg sensory bag

An Easter egg sensory bag does take some prep, but it is a great activity to keep toddlers entertained. The sensory bag can be taped to the table so that it doesn’t migrate onto the furniture or get opened accidentally. Find detailed instructions for creating this magical bag on the Happy Toddler Playtime blog.

18. Lego Easter eggs

For Lego-obsessed kids, Little Bins for Little Hands brings it again with this great Lego STEM activity. Each egg is built with basic bricks and is easy enough for even young kids. More experienced Lego builders can make creative patterns in their eggs.

"Lego easter egg"
Lego Easter egg. Photo credit: Little Bins for Little Hands

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