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2019 Golden Teddy Awards — Camps + Classes

This year's winners and finalists

Published on: June 28, 2019

2019 Golden Teddy Awards — Camps + Classes

Creative Dance Center
Courtesy Creative Dance Center

Groovy Dance Camp or Class

Winner: Creative Dance Center

Seattle’s Creative Dance Center is in the winner’s circle for the second year in a row. This nonprofit organization has provided brain-compatible dance education classes for infants through adults for three decades. This voter sums up the adoration: “A joyful, energetic, creative environment for all kids (and adults!) who need to move to music! And every class is taught with intentionality, a collaborative spirit and love.”


Did you know that All That Dance just moved into a new studio space in northeast Seattle? There’s a class there for every dancer — from toddlers to teens to adults — and free trial classes mean placement is carefully considered, with classes for beginners and experienced dancers, too.

Voters tell us Cornish Preparatory Dance has compassionate and expert teachers who nurture every dancer’s potential. Offerings include creative dance (ages 4–5) and various preparatory dance company levels. “Prep dance is a great program, with age-appropriate learning, awesome instructors and small classes,” writes one parent.

Darrah Blanton Dance classes are offered at four locations: two in Ballard, one on Capitol Hill and one in Bellingham. All classes include brain-compatible dance education, and offerings include pre-ballet, ballet, ballet/tap combo and parent-toddler classes. Founder Darrah Blanton has been teaching dance to children since 1999.

Voters tell us they love Emerald Ballet Academy’s inclusive environment. They also appreciate the Russian-influenced dance instruction at this school, which is located in Bellevue. While classical ballet is the school’s focus, it also offers thematic summer camps that include both dance and art activities.

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