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10 Quick and Healthy Lunches for Summer Camp

Don't bore them with PB&J

Jackie Freeman

Published on: June 18, 2018


Parents and kids alike are looking forward to summer camp to work out those wiggles and keep busy. Send your kids off with healthy lunches that are easy to prepare and will keep them full during long days of play.

1. Quick pepperoni pizza quesadilla 

What kid doesn’t love pizza? Two Healthy Kitchens version is quick and easy and will keep them powered up throughout the day, with plenty of whole grains and protein.

2. Taco in a jar

Whether they’re camping in the great outdoors or headed to outdoor summer camp, if your kids love tacos, they will love these. Bushcooking uses a clean canning jar for a sturdy and safe way to transport this great lunch. Let the kids mix and match their favorite toppings, like salsa, guacamole or shredded cheese.

3. Healthy lunchbox spring rolls

There’s no cooking involved to prepare Sugar Free Mom’s fresh spring rolls. Simply dip the rice wrappers in warm water and fill with your favorite veggies (or fruit). Served with a peanut dipping sauce, kids will love the rainbow of colors. If peanuts are a no-go, swap it out for almond butter.

4. Kid-approved wraps

Sandwich wraps are probably one of the most popular, and easiest, lunchbox meals to make. Get inspired by Kid’s Eat By Shanai’s five ideas, including ham, eggs or salmon.

5. Tuna-stuffed cucumber boats

ParentMap knows that some kids need to eat gluten-free but still want tuna fish salad. So, try serving it in a crunchy cucumber instead of bread. Add a few chip “sails” and a carrot “rudder” and these boats are ready to take sail. For simpler transport, pack a container of tuna salad plus containers of gluten-free chips or crackers and/or cucumber slices.

6. Hand rice ball (jumeokbap), spam and egg dosirak

The Korean version of the Japanese bento box, dosirak is popular for children’s lunchboxes. Eileen Cho has put together an easy recipe for this fun idea, which the kids can help to prepare.

7. Apple cheddar corn muffins

PCC Community Markets know that lunch doesn’t always have to include sandwiches, and muffins don’t always have to be sweet. Apple cheddar corn muffins are a savory snack packed with apples, cheese and cornmeal.

8. Cinnamon ants on a stick

If you’re off to summer camp, there’s a good chance you might encounter some ants at lunch… Allrecipes made this a good thing with crunchy and creamy cinnamon ants on sticks, a twist on the traditional ants on a log.

9. Lunch box kabobs

Fun and easy, It’s a Keeper takes a ham and cheese sandwich and turns it into a fun, bite-size and easily packable meal. Cherry tomatoes keep the meat and cheese from sliding off the skewers, and add some colorful veggies to the meal.

10. Easy lunchbox mini quiches 

Breakfast also makes a perfect lunch. Check out Laura Fuentes’ Fresh Living recipe for mini quiches. They are easy to make, packed with protein and oh so cute!

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