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16 Toys and Games That'll Get Kids Moving

Gifts for a happy, healthy holiday

Malia Jacobson

Published on: November 19, 2020

girl wearing a santa hat jumping on the bed

Make them jump for joy

Tired of prying kids off the couch? If you suspect your offspring have been less active this year, you’re not wrong. New research from the University of Southern California — emerging from one of the first studies on kids’ physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic — confirms that kids have moved less and sat more during this time. School closures and canceled activities widened the existing “exercise gap” between older and younger children, with older children being even less likely to break a sweat during quarantine.

These popular holiday gift picks are sneaky exercise boosters in disguise, designed to spark both holiday joy and healthy physical activity. Wrap up one or a few and take a tiny break from your role as family fitness coach — holiday bliss! Here's to enjoying some merry movement, together.

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