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6 Fall 2023 Fashion Trends for Busy Moms

An expert fashion consultant’s ultimate fall fashion checklist

Kate Missine

Published on: July 27, 2023

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Editor's note: This article was sponsored by The Bellevue Collection.

Over the past few years, many of us have gotten pretty comfortable working from home in our PJs — maybe too comfortable! But for better or for worse, the remote-work landscape is shifting: This fall, more and more companies are recalling workers back into the office. Which means that in addition to confronting perennial worries about securing quality after-school care for their kids and navigating commutes, many working moms will find themselves with yet another workaday predicament: piecing together a presentable wardrobe of work clothes from a closet that has transformed into an unholy fusion of loungewear (47 pairs of leggings?!) and a dusty, ill-fitting suit from the pre-pandemic days.

Fear not, intrepid working mamas! We’ve got you covered — literally! We reached out to style expert Terri Morgan, owner of TCM Models & Talent and a fashion consultant for The Bellevue Collection, to get the lowdown on the latest fall style trends and hottest multipurpose wardrobe staples she’s seeing for busy moms at The Bellevue Collection.

Power up

Believe it or not, the power suit is back in a big way. This fall, Morgan says, it’s all about the relaxed silhouette, which should make it easy to transition out of our sweats. Look for a wide-legged trouser, and pair it with a boyfriend-cut blazer in basic black or navy to create a versatile look that can be worn either together or separately. We love pieces that play double-duty!

Prep school

You may think you left this style behind in your college days, but Morgan tells us that preppy fashion is another trend that’s back for the season, and it’s a perfect one for assembling multifunctional outfits. The secret is in the layering: Start with a great white blouse, and then top it with anything from a button-front vest to a V-neck sweater, or even a hoodie (yes, Morgan assures us that this soccer-field basic can go to work — just make sure it’s a fitted cut). Add a boyfriend blazer (remember that versatile power suit?) or favorite jean jacket (a must for every wardrobe), and complete the look with a midi-length skirt, wide-legged jeans or trousers.

Red hot

“Red is a big trend this season,” says Morgan, who suggests adding a pop of the color to your outfit to give it an instant update. A red sweater, shoe, handbag or scarf will bring in a bright accent without taking over. Anything from bold crimson to a subtle brick is fair game, says Morgan, noting, “Remember there are many shades of red, so make sure you are getting the shade that best suits your complexion.”

Fancy footwork

Concerned that the return to the office means trading in your cozy WFH slippers for torture devices? Not to worry: Painful high heels are no longer de rigueur when it comes to work-appropriate footwear. Instead, enter the sneaker! Morgan says that our playground kicks now play nicely with business casual attire. “They are the perfect shoe for the mom on the go,” she says. Just up the ante a bit with a classy new pair — she loves the sleek Camper brand for its combo of comfort and style. Need a slightly more formal option? Opt for a classic pair of loafers, which look great with both pants and skirts.

In the bag

Working moms everywhere know that our bags are bottomless Pandora’s boxes, porting everything from files and laptops to sippy cups, bags of Goldfish crackers, and a random rock or two. Well, luckily for us, tiny purses are out — and the Big Tote is in. “It’s the bag of the season and perfect for moms,” says Morgan, adding that oversized totes come in fabrication options to suit every taste, from puffy quilted fabrics to soft leathers.

Speaking of leather, it’s a hot fall choice for other wardrobe staples, too: Morgan recommends adding a motorcycle jacket, leather legging or pencil skirt to your closet as an investment piece that’s fun, durable and easy to wipe free of sticky kid handprints.

Beauty calls

We all know getting our solid eight hours of beauty sleep is the best way to look rosy-fresh, but since that’s not happening anytime soon, we’re turning to the next best thing: makeup. Forget the full face of foundation and contouring (who has the time, anyway?); these days, maquillage is all about keeping it simple. Start with a nice undereye concealer — we all know we need it — and add a touch of blush/lip stain combo and a swipe of your favorite mascara.

When it comes to hair, dry shampoo is your friend to freshen up on the run; or toss your mane up into a banana clip. Morgan says these old favorites are “very much on trend again, and an instant hair fix!”

From the boardroom to the soccer field, moms can manage all of the transitions of their busy days in style, with The Bellevue Collection.

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