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Winter Break 2023: Activities for Families Around Seattle and Beyond

Bundle up for outdoor fun, play indoors, commune with critters and more

Nancy Chaney

Published on: December 01, 2023

Kids playing at The Ridge Activity Center in Bothell, indoor play gym near Seattle for rainy-day play
Kids eating too much sugar? Burn off kid energy at an active indoor play spot. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Things to do with kids every day of winter break

Winter break is nearly upon us. This can be a potentially frustrating time of unscheduled kids, rainy weather, early darkness and everyone all cooped up inside. What are we going to do? To answer that question, we’ve gathered a few dozen family-focused activities to get you and your crew out of the house — and off the screens. Read on for never-mind-the-weather outdoor play ideas, indoor options, some fun with animals and more.

We hope you find at least a couple of things to suit your crew!

First up: Play outside

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