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Winter Break 2020: Activities for Families Around Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound

Indoor play, outdoor fun, go-to-the-snow adventures and lots more

Nancy Chaney

Published on: December 16, 2020

Kids on bridge at Tacoma Nature Center spotting a turtle sitting on a log in Snake Lake
See if you can spot a turtle at Tacoma Nature Center's Snake Lake. Credit: Devon Hammer

Things to do with kids for every day of winter break

Winter break is nearly upon us. This can be a frustrating time of unscheduled kids, rainy weather, early darkness and everyone all cooped up together. And we've already been all cooped up together for months! Ugh! To help, we've gathered up a few dozen COVID-friendly activities to get you and your crew out of the house (and off the screens). Read on for snowy ideas, nevermind-the-weather outdoor play ideas, animal adventures and more.

Use the arrows above the image to browse through our ideas — we hope you find at least a couple of things to suit your crew. And don't forget, mask up and keep your distance.

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