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8 Ideas for an Organized Family Landing Station for Your Home

Is your entryway disorganized, dirty or cluttered? Conquer the chaos with these 8 ideas for creating an orderly, functional and inviting entrance to your home

Photo credit: Ikea

The entryway is often the one place that everyone in the family dumps their belongings, from backpacks to soccer cleats and everything in between. Entering your home and being faced with a pile of clutter can be frustrating. Setting time aside to conquer this space will allow you to create an orderly, functional and beautiful place to walk into. Once you have your family landing station all set up, you’ll find that your family will be able to find their belongings, you’ll feel a sense of calm upon entering your home and as a bonus, it might even stay cleaner, longer. Here are a few easy tips to help you achieve what often feels like an impossible goal. (Marie Kondo has nothing on these practical, family-friendly solutions!)

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