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8 Ideas for a Family Landing Station

Conquer chaos with these 8 ideas for creating an orderly, functional and inviting entrance to your home

Published on: December 23, 2015

Photo credit: Ikea

The entryway is often the one place that everyone in the family dumps their belongings, from backpacks to soccer cleats and everything in between. Entering your home and being faced with a pile of clutter can be frustrating. Setting time aside to conquer this space will allow you to create an orderly, functional and beautiful place to walk into. Once you have your family landing station all set up, you’ll find that your family will be able to find their belongings, you’ll feel a sense of calm upon entering your home and as a bonus, it might even stay cleaner, longer. Here are a few easy tips to help you achieve what often feels like an impossible goal. (Marie Kondo has nothing on these practical, family-friendly solutions!)

Photo credit: West Elm

1. Hanging storage

The number one need of an organized entry space is a place to hang coats, scarves, bags, dog leashes and other assorted items. This simple, yet effective Pipeline Hall Tree provides enough hooks for all your items but not so many that your entry appears cluttered. Keep only the items that you use on a daily basis on display and tuck your out-of-season items away. The Hall Tree also works for entry walls with limited wall space or for rentals where you don’t want to hang anything on the walls.

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2. Mail storage

Mail and paper clutter can quickly get out of control unless you have a system in place. This magnetic magazine pocket does double duty as a mail storage system and gives you a place to leave notes and reminders. A multi-tiered file rack can also be a lifesaver to organize mail coming in, mail going out and bills that need to be paid. Placing a small wastepaper basket nearby can be a handy place to drop junk mail so it doesn’t pile up on counters.

Photo credit: The Container Store

3. Shoe storage

Dirty and wet shoes leave a mess around your house so having a no shoe policy can help keep your house neater. Having a place to store those shoes will keep your entryway clean too. A shoe cabinet provides a large shoe storage location with the simplicity of doors to shut away the shoe clutter. You can also use a cabinet that does double duty as both a shoe storage place and a small item storage location. As with coats, leave out only the shoes you wear on a daily basis. Tuck the special occasion and non-seasonal shoes away in storage.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

4. Small item storage

Keep small bowls or plates on top of your landing station to keep your small items like keys, wallets, glasses, devices, etc. organized. These trinket bowls are whimsical and are the perfect home for all your small items. Baskets or large bowls can also provide nice storage for your other items.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

5. Seasonal storage

As the seasons change, you’ll want to switch out items for the right time of year. If you have a large entry way, a big entryway bookcase with bench system provides storage for off-season items right in the entrance of your home. For the rest of us, the basement or closet might be a better place to store those pieces. Either way, having a place to store things that are not in use on a daily basis will help keep your entry way tidy.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

6. Kid’s storage

Scattershot has a great solution to keeping kid’s items organized and easy to access. Adding separate areas for each kid’s backpack, sporting items and after school activities will ease the morning rush. A customizable wall organizational system means that you’ll have everything where you need it and nothing where you don’t. Adding a message board or bulletin board gives everyone in your house a central location to leave notes and important reminders for each other.

Photo credit: Stayathomeista

7. On-the-go essentials

Keep all your on-the-go essentials nicely organized in one place so you can quickly find them as you dash out the door. Stayathomeista has an easy and cheap solution for organizing all your bits and bobs. Add a basket to collect items that need to be returned like library books.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

8. Extras

Once you have the essential items covered, you might want to add some extras like a mirror, umbrella stand or even a nice piece of art. A nice entryway rug will cut down on dirt and debris being tracked into the house. If you have the space, seating provides a great location for people to take off and put on their shoes too.

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